INOAC was established in Japan since more than 80 years ago. The company is a pioneer in the production of rubber, polyurethane products, plastic and has a long history in global Operations marked by a pioneering spirit. INOAC overseas activities are based on the principle of “reliance and friendship”. It is this attitude that has made it one of Japan’s largest companies. PT. IRC INOAC INDONESIA is a joint venture company between Gajah Tunggal Group of Indonesia and the INOAC Corporation of Japan. The joint venture started over 30 years ago, with the company manufacturing rubber, foam & plastic – part for Automobiles & Industrial. There are two production plants. One located about 40 km West of Jakarta, another located about 70 km East from Jakarta. The facilities have steadily expanded their product lines which include polyurethane, plastic parts for automobiles and motorcycles, home furnishing, industrial rubber parts and household products.


Our products are exported all to over the world, the main markets being America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The success of the company to date is by having an innovative approaches. With the expansion of product lines and the continuing development of our colored rubber industry, we look to the future with optimism



• Automotive Rubber Parts.
• Automotive Interiors Parts.
• Motorcycle Parts.
• Industrial Parts (Rubber)
• Parts and Home – Appliances(Rubber).